Interesting Bed Canopy Ideas for the Couples

Romantic Bed Canopy for Lovers

The canopy bed has a long history. To begin with, the word ‘baldachin’ (which is similar to ‘canopy’) means ‘the silk cloth from Baghdad’. This word has been used not in the meaning of bed, but to signify the throne or the altar. This furniture element used to have much more practical items than now. It was protection from cold, heat, drafts, insects, odors and even from nosy eyes in a medieval castle.

Canopy bed is really elegant, original and atmospheric.

Luxury Canopy Bed Curtains

Considering the changes of living conditions and the fact, that hygiene of modern facilities has greatly improved; the furniture for the bedrooms has also changed. However, many customers of furniture companies continue to come with one request: to buy a four-poster bed – it’s like to realize the old dream of a beautiful life for them.

To begin with, the modern four-poster beds may not contain the canopy itself (frankly speaking, they may not contain the cloth at all). It is simple to explain this paradox: the curtain has lost its function in the furniture “evolution” of the textile, but the form of the bed sunk into the soul of many people. So the designers continue to give preference to it. Furniture companies often use metal or wood four-poster beds with a frame for a curtain in their collections. However, such models often look good without a cloth; they fit perfectly the modern minimalist atmosphere.

Some beds stand out with their form: they don`t have a rectangular frame, but it could be arched, semi-circular or any other shape. These models can be decorated with the exquisite wrought iron details and a fretwork. There are some classic beds with a canopy located at the very head of the bed, on a special cornice. In such beds the cloth curtain is present, but does not play an important practical role. The zest of the bed with columns (without top frame) is decorative columns, which give the originality to the interior. This four-poster bed, with an affordable-level price, is often decorated with carvings or has other unusual elements of decoration.

Cool Style Canopy Bed

Four-poster beds, as well as other bedroom furniture, are used everywhere: in different interiors and style directions. It can be used as for adults, as well as for children. It`s really a great idea for the couples, that want to make their family nest comfortable and romantic.

Talking about couples, it is more logical to fix curtains at the celling to have an effect of the wave or to put a string from wall to wall and fix a tissue at this string.

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