Bed on Floor: Tips to Manage the Room Decoration

Elegant Bed on Floor

Modern interior is inclined to be laconic, devoid of spare elements, sleek and, nevertheless, cozy. Among the minimalist ideas there’s the one that excites most – a bed on floor. Sounds exotic and fine but how to organize space and implement the décor so that it works well? Sure, first it looks like a temporary idea but then becomes something you just can’t live without.

No doubt, a bed on floor surprises with its low visual profile, but what pure comfort it brings when nothing creaks or squeaks under one’s weight.

Decorate Room With Bed on Floor

Sleeping on the floor: when is it to the point?

The simplicity of this interior idea works well in light tones; Scandinavian style, both minimalist and pristine, will become an ideal surrounding for a white mattress at the heart of the room.

The less extra objects you have in your bedroom, the more elegant it looks, so try to avoid running to extremes in terms of interior items.

Really Low Bed Perfect Designs

No doubt, a bed on floor will be just the right thing for a small bedroom where space is in demand, and thus bulky frames and large headboards will steal the room and bring in no harmony.

How to manage the decoration?

Having decided to move closer to the floor, opt for those stylish elements that will be in tune with the whole idea of laconic bedroom design. Follow the tips below to work your bed on the floor.

1) Keep the objects at the same level. Don’t hang pictures or stick to pendant lights; let the paintings lean on the walls, opt for low nightstands and side tables of the same height, put the sculptures and other decorative items on the floor. This way you’ll reach a well-balanced design.

2) Dive in textures. The actual absence of the frame shouldn’t make you forget about bedding. Choose something bold and lavish to avoid the college flavor; don’t be afraid to play with contrasting fabric if the décor permits. If the bedroom is painted white, you might add some dark hues to the bedding.

3) Make it regal. The mere mattress thrown on the floor isn’t the thing we’re looking for; even if you’re saving space this way, throw few larger pillows of different form and texture to give some bulk to the bed. You might throw them all over and even add a couple of pillows just to sit on the floor in an Orient manner, we guarantee it will work.

4) Watch the style. A bed on floor should feel casual but not look too casual, so better not to cram the room with every sort of thing. Remember not to overload the bedroom leaving it spacious and comfortable.

5) Spotlessly clean. You’re going to sleep closer to the floor, so either keep it clean or throw a rug to provide yourself with an island of soft and clean area.

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