How to Clean Bedroom Flooring Without Using Professional Services?

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Causes of floor stains

There are stains on laminate in cases of improper cleaning. The most common causes of stains and how to deal with them are presented below.

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Using the wrong tools for cleaning

The cleaning of the laminate coatings acquires a special flat mop with wringer. An alternative option could be a microfiber cloth made. Do not forget that the laminate, as well as any tree, swells from the water, so you could wash it with a slightly damp mop or cloth, but they must be carefully squeezed.

The use of unsuitable detergents

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For the laminate care is now produced a huge variety of special detergents. You can use some universal tools for the floor cleaning. But if you do not trust the household chemicals and want to support the eco-friendly atmosphere in the house, you should try to use an ordinary household vinegar (1 tablespoon to 5 liters of water). But do not use for cleaning wax or polish in no case, because they are absolutely don`t suit to the laminate surface. You shouldn`t use some cleaning products with small abrasive particles to clean the floor to. It could lead to appearance of scratches. Cleaning vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners aren`t the best solution for cleaning the laminate floor.

Overdosing of detergent

The more is not always the better. Do not exceed the dose of detergent, specified on packaging to prevent the congestion of it on the floor.

General cleaning guidelines

There is a direction to clean floor every day to avoid the accumulation of dirt at many websites, devoted to the care of laminate. Sometimes it does not seem reasonable. It is desirable to remove stains and some sand and dust in the hallway and near the threshold to keep the laminate unbroken. But you can do a dry vacuum clean and wet cleaning 1-2 times a week, depending on the degree of contamination in all other rooms.

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