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Bedroom, as the name implies, it is a room intended for sleeping. Because regardless of whether it lives in a couple or the younger generations, a Central feature of this room is the bed.

But due to the fact that most people can not boast of a huge area apartments, for bedrooms, as a rule, is given perhaps the smallest room available. In this regard, many have resorted to various tricks, trying to equip a place to sleep to get the maximum comfort and at the same time to take as little usable space.


In recent times, are becoming increasingly popular convertible beds, convertible sofas, bunk beds, loft beds, and bunk design. Their advantages are obvious, but in the latter two cases, there is one complication: to get to bed, you must climb the stairs. And if a teenager or young person this is not a problem, small children and respectable men with a corresponding weight may experience some difficulties.

Therefore, the question of which ladder for a bunk bed or a loft will fit, is very important, especially as such design it is possible to make. This requires only corresponding instruction, tools and desire. In addition to the obvious comfort of the self-made stairs, you will get several additional benefits.

For example, bunk bed with stairs and drawers not only helps to save valuable space, but also efficiently organize the storage of various items and bedding. In addition, this design will help to avoid injuries in children, because bunk bed with safe ladder is a must in the nursery.


A pyramid of boxes This pyramid — styled staircase. It is usually collected from three drawers for linen. The bottom drawer is the largest, the other two are, respectively, less. Boxes fastened together by bolts or other fastening. But to fix them is a must! Even a small child can easily climb on such a rise. Arrange team ladder between two objects, so that it is laterally completely closed, because this ladder is designed for the little ones. With one hand propped up her bed and the wall, wardrobe or other large and immobile object.

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