Diy Bed Ideas for the Romantic Decoration of Bedrooms

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If it ever happens that you want to change anything around to get closer to some romantic fleur, just follow some ideas to plunge into romantic atmosphere. Whether you want to prove you cherish your beloved one, turn the place into a love nest or just change the décor, it is possible if you just pay attention to some do-it-yourself projects.

What about the headboards?

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We mean what can be more logical in gaining romantic flavor if not transforming the headboard? Yes, it sounds simple and naïve but in fact can transform everything. So, here we’ve got a range of ideas to share.

First, why not think about some pennant banners? These can be the ones crying about your love: romantic photos with you significant one, letters making up a declaration of love or some things known only to you two. Put them on jute string and accent some places with silk ribbons to reach a chic look.

Another idea to transform a headboard is creating a statement thing. It’s high time you thought over the aim of those fence boards in your yard. Well, really, by adjusting them to the wall and giving them a good look by painting in joyful colors and writing the very word you need (and here we mean only ‘love’), you’ll reach the heart and mind, don’t doubt.

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If chic ideas with wood sound not that interesting, make it comfortable by using sensuous textures like silk or velvet. Right, you’ve got that: make it tufted. A nice cozy headboard looking luxurious and sleek will win the heart. Here you’re free to choose among deep, rich colors making the bedroom look elegant and unique.

Headboards are good enough to think of, but if you want to go further, transform the whole wall. Yep, why not do that in the name of love? Romantic bedroom can be created just by making a wall a kind of a message to your loved one. Here you might choose whether to use some prints or to cover the wall with your own handwriting just from floor to ceiling, literally. Who know how much time you’ll spend on that but the idea is worth trying.

Make it light – make it tender

There’s a certain way of making your bedroom much more romantic just by adding some light. Of course, it shouldn’t be harsh otherwise that won’t be romantic, but rather unnerving. So, take into consideration some vintage-style items. They look sweet and bring old-fashioned romance others are longing for. Look for lace lampshades or doilies and cover the lamps’ skeleton with them, thus you’ll create a fine and delicate look.

Make it even more gorgeous by installing pendant lamps all around the room: sweet warm light will glitter filling the room with charming shadows. Now it can be made so you can adjust the brightness and even the color of the light fixture.

If you’re in search for something intimate and so-so-romantic one has never seen, make a sort of a cocoon around your bed: thin and translucent fabric transformed by a string of small warm lights will work miracles.

Don’t forget about traditional candle holders: candles do look romantic, keep that in mind. And they can do you good when projecting a heart-shaped design on the wall. You might create the holders yourself by piercing the tin cans and making the forms you’d like.

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