Fanciful Ideas for teen girls bedroom decor

Ideas For Bedrooms

Girl’s bedroom is becoming her personal space, according to her taste. Parents have their own thoughts for furniture, wollpapers, vails and other things, but they must remember that their role is just to give an advise conserning say furniture that it should be not only beautiful but also safe for girl’s health. For example, furniture should   be without sharp shapes.

It is important to make a spaceous bedroom for a teenager girl. Folding bed has to be of good quality. Closet is better to put in a corridor, average closet is enough for small items she needs for every day use. If there are not much chairs in the room, coloured cushions are good change.

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Colour is important for a young persons personal development. You have to consult your girl while choosing colour design for her bedroom. She has to feel her comfortable in surrouding colour environment. Good colours are: white, blue, orange, turquoise, green, beige and pink.

White is good for girls with different temperament, turquoise fills the room with romance and natural fillings as though you in a virgin wood or at the seaside.

Green colour is good for an eye and nervous system.

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Blue colour is going to feel the room with freedom and lightness and helpfull for one’s mind. Orange colour with spots of red and yellow are going to turn the room into a sunny valley.

Finally, classical pink colour is nice  for a bedroom. It creates fairy-tale atmosphere and fills the room with sophistication and romance. Do not forget to combine colours. Golden rule for a colour scheme is to  combine bright with pale.

To divide the room for the zones (for a sleeping, playing, and for studying) is equally important. Different zones could be in different colours, carpets are good for this purpose as well as furniture and curtains.

Girls are fond of mirrors. Special corner for beauty item is recommended. A table and a space for studying should be by the window. Room is empty without decoration and accessoirs and trinkets.

Despite your girl’s taste, you have to remember that a bedroom is an intimate place for her, it must be cozy and comfortable to dwell in.

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