Futon Sofa Bed Modern & Minimalist

Futon sofa bed with removable armrests

Futon Sofa Beds are traditional japanese made to fold beds. It is quite convenient item. Comparing to usual sofa bed its mechanism is easy to operate. It is also easy to, clean it, just washing and wiping, except mattress which shoud be washed by vacuam cleaner and cover could be washed or simply changed. On the botton there are wooden crossbars fastened, that is why the frame is very stiff.

Traditional Futon sofa bed consists of many layers of combed cotton joined together with dozens of stitches a covered with a coarse texture. Genuine and correct futon is very good fot health ( namely for the back).

Futon Sofa Bed

It is believed that if you sleep on the soft surface  you are going to have back aches, because muscles are stressed. But if you started to sleep on the hard surface (meaning futon sofa bed) you fill relief, because muscles are relaxing.

It has shown that a firm (not hard) bed keeps your spine aligned, and you do not wake up with back pain on a futon.

Besides practical using for health topper-futon is good for some more other purposes. They are light and mobile. Except an orthopaedic effect, you will save money, make your living more comfortable, you can change stiffness of your sleeping place.

Futon Sofa Bed Modern Black

Another reason, you never worry about falling down off your bed. If you have guests from time to time,  futon can be casily pulled out on the floor. Futons can let you use your room for different aims (for playing, studying etc.). Being multi-functional they are realy minimalist.

If you want something more comfortable you can also layer the futons. So, if you a kind of person who likes being on the floor the futon sofa beds are for your disposal. Novelty of being able to be on the floor excites kids who like to play and sleep on the floor. Іn such a way futon could be an useful item to bring all the family on the same level in literal and figurative meaning.

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