Ideas to Use Bamboo Bedroom Furniture for a Pleasant Look

Bamboo Bedroom Furniture Sets Perfect Design

In order to make the right choice of the bamboo furniture for your bedroom, first, you need to know some general concepts about – what is bamboo furniture.

The basic material of furniture, in this case, is a bamboo. As this is a plant, its quality directly depends on where it grows. It is considered that the most qualitative bamboo is grown in Laos, Philippines and Vietnam. A little bit about what properties have each of them.

Vintage Style Bamboo Bedroom Furniture

Laos bamboo. It has a light tone and can be done much darker by calcination. Designers find it ideal, because the smooth and thin structure can be used in various decor items.

Philippine bamboo. It has a very dark color with spots, and rarely cracks. It can be specially lighten or varnished.

Vietnamese bamboo. Bright and smooth. With time it cracks, and they create an unusual texture. This type of bamboo is very durable and does not split.

Bamboo Wood Bedroom Furniture Best Ideas

It is possible to make any furniture of the bamboo. It’s not afraid of moisture and does not fade in bright sunlight. Therefore, you can safely place the wicker chairs in front of the southern and eastern windows.

Bamboo furniture fits into any interior and becomes its center. The strength of bamboo allows to create interesting elements of style.

The bed, which is completely made of bamboo wide stalks, will become a unique decoration of your bedroom. Bamboo is one of the purest materials in the world. Therefore, such bed can be fully considered as environmentally friendly. It retains all the original properties, even at high temperature difference. Eco-style fans can feel extremely comfortable in such design of the bedroom.

If you follow an ethnic style, pay attention to the next nuances: choose only natural materials to bamboo furniture; all furniture should be kept in the same shade (if it’s a light kind of bamboo, choose dark flooring and vice versa); you can also hang bamboo blinds on the window. But remember, if the blinds are too massive, in this case it is necessary to sacrifice bed, as the focus is shifted to the window now. Whatever it was – the central attribute of the bedroom, should be a bed.

Making bedroom in oriental style you can also rely on a bamboo bed and wicker bamboo poufs. To create a decor that wouldn’t look too empty, it is recommended to add a green texture in form of bamboo stalks. It can be used in various textiles or panels.

Remember, bamboo design can always be completed with wooden furniture. For this, fit something similar in strength, for example oak. Its color can vary a tone and a half.

If you are close to a nautical theme, bamboo is useful for picture frames’ decoration or mirrors framing.

Also, using this material, you can make massive room partitions or take it as a basis for personal dressing room screen.

16 Photos of the Ideas to Use Bamboo Bedroom Furniture for a Pleasant Look

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