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It takes one’s breath away from the quantity of ideas for the bedroom decoration. That is why it is necessary to consider every move, every detail and go step by step to create in your bedroom a small paradise which is going to bring peace and relaxation. First of all consider the size of your room. If your room is small, then you have to decorate it with light colours which visually will make your room bigger. Small room must not be overfilled with furniture, use functional furniture.

The more fresh air and natural light is coming inside, the lighter atmosphere will be. For this purpose use big windoows and mirrors. If you bedroom is big,  then start with a bed. You can put it in the middle of room, it is convenient and looks nice. Beside right place for the bed, the big room has to be decorated properly. Be attentive with dark colours, otherwise you will get gloomy bedroom. It is possible to make the big room bright, important thing is that combination of colours must be chosen carafully.

When you choose construction materials you remember that they will affect on your bedroom atmosphere. Metal, bricks, laminate will make it strict. Soft surfaces prevail in romantic rooms. Use for your cool bedroom proper tochnologies for housing construction. They will considerably improve thermal, moisture and noise isolation and imply higher level of comfort of living.

To make the atmosphere of your bedroom light and airy use more glass and wooden technologies. Speaking of wood, it makes your room cozy, live and more safe and has natural aroma. Different materials create different spirit in the bedroom. To express certain mood we use certain design. Here are the main styles: classic, hi-tech, minimalistic, modern, eastern style, historical style, country style.

A good idea for trimming is such a material as gypsum platerboard. It is not necessary  to have a lot of money to buy it. Almost every thought can be embodied using gypsum plaster board either on the walls, the ceiling the niches etc. So, there are a lot of subtleties to create cool bedroom, important thing is that it is your room and decorate it your way.

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