Attractive Murphy Bed Ideas for the Sophisticated Bedroom Look

Space Saving Murphy Beds Simple Ideas

If you attempt to turn the bedroom into the traditional one again turn out to be unsuccessful, you should think about how to make it a non-traditional, allowing the unique features of open space and turn it into something new. If the bedroom in the attic of low ceilings and low window is located – let it be a cave.

The eighteenth century bed  is the bed with handmade embroidery on the head, we can only find a suitable companion for it like antique chairs, and the problem is not sufficient.

Custom Murphy Bed Nice Design

Cope with boredom with chic and glamor. When you create such a situation it is well worth to try to, your chic and glamor will not seem cheap farce: you have full height of the wall; if you change the upholstery on the couch, then use the best silk you can find.

If you live alone and you do not need a large bedroom with a large bed, the room can be used for something more necessary and useful, and highlight the area of ​​sleep somewhere else.

In the pantry carry bed is not necessary, although there are exceptions.

Creative Murphy Bed Ideas for Home

Folk motifs often saving loophole when the head does not come more than anything.

The most important thing in the room is the bed. It should be comfortable, with good orthopedic base. Comfortable width of the bed for one person is from 90 cm for two – from 140 cm width. Comfort is defined simply: lie down on his back, his hands gathered on the stomach, relax your elbows. The distance between the elbows + 15 cm – this is your comfortable minimum.

Bedside tables is not just a piece of furniture that provides comfort. They are the subject of the interior decor. Therefore, you can think more about design than about functionality. For example, try substituting a simple bedside table a small bookcase or a table – it will be very interesting.

In most cases, the room needs a certain amount of storage space. Chests of drawers, cabinets – here is the choice based on the size of the room and the needs of its owners. In one case, a chest is enough, the other needs a wardrobe of several meters in length. The walls are used in bedrooms. Small furniture – stools, ottomans, couches – they are not compulsory subjects, usually they are the part of the decor. They are selected in accordance with design bedrooms.

With a spacious bathroom, we can not think about saving space and all the attention is paid to the comfort. For example, do not choose a bed 140 cm wide and 190 or 200, and not just with with backs, and with pillars and a canopy; a mini chair replace the standard size; wardrobe can consist of several modules, alternating mirrored panels, and so on.

You can even have some unusual set to pick up. For example, a round bed, a dressing table with a large mirror and plenty of fine furniture. However, this option requires a room area of not less than 17 m2. All fit in at the bedroom, but the desired effect is free space.

Solid wood furniture for the bedroom is the most high-quality and practical option. Here are just a small part of the benefits of natural wood:

  • High decorative qualities.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Long service life. Under proper conditions of manufacture and storage of pre-sale bedroom solid wood will last more than 20 years.

How to animate myriad boring bedrooms? Try it out and you can no longer go back to the old tatty decor.

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