Perennial Garden Design: What Needs to be Done to Make One

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One of elements of landscaping is the garden fireplace.  You should know more information about the perennial garden design: what needs to be done to make one.

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation that we will deal with one of the most simple but great looking fireplace for barbecue options. So, the following materials will be necessary to be done to make one:

Staudenbeet mit Echinacea, Festuca, Agastache

– the brick — the quantity depends on the sizes of future construction;

– solution for a laying;

– a lattice from a stainless steel;

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– the arms or corners from stainless steel;

– sheet of metal.


– trowel;

– shovel;

– buckets and a bathtub for solution mixing;

– construction level;

– angular grinder;

– puncher;

– pallets of the different size.

Main works

Before construction of a fireplace it is necessary to decide on the place where it will settle down.First, it is necessary to be engaged in digging of a hole, its depth is worth doing about 50 cm. The area depends on your personal preferences, in particular, from that size what brazier will be. Next, the walls and a bottom of a hole are laid over by a natural stone (preferably) or a brick. Using of a stone is more preferable because of its smaller heat conductivity and appearance.

In the center of the received and laid over hole there will be a center, the basis for it becomes 2-3 bricks high in the form of a circle. Walls of a fireplace give all the best from a brick, as material for a sheaf serves the clay that is previously wetted in water. Approximately after the fourth row it is necessary to lay a lattice, or to insert corners to put a lattice on them. Similarly, we do also by a seventh row.

The lower lattice has to look as the sheet of metal (thickness about 4 cm) in which openings are cut through in chessboard order, and top — just welded rods. Diameter of each rod — 5 cm. The distance between these rods is established independently, most often it is equal.

Now the turn of the arch for the center — it will be a galvanized cone, the area basis has to be slightly more than the area of the center for a fireplace. The cone on a tripod about 1 meter high is established. The arch size for a fireplace will be a little more than the fireplace.

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