Tips to Use the Car Bed in Order to Save Money

Simple Diy Race Car Bed

When it comes to childrens’ bedrooms, there always appears a tricky question of how to spice up a room so that both children and their parents stay contented with the result. Well, boys’ parents can sigh with relief because here we have a great chance to realize a true boyish dream of owning a car without making it dramatic for moms and dads. Really, a nice car bed will add some sporty flavor to the interior and make it vivacious, so that your child will not complain. But since this trend has been popular for quite a period of time and becoming common at the moment, the prices are not getting lower. By don’t get nervous: there are tips of how to work it out in the best possible way without losing a fortune on one single bed.

First of all, when among the car beds in the shop without having a slightest idea of what to do next, pay attention to the material the item is made of. At present two types are in trend – wood and plastic. Certainly, wood will make it sleek and chic, but think it over: how long will your child sleep in that bed? For a couple of years or forever? Well, it goes without saying that wood is number one among eco-materials, and it costs respectively. Fortunately, now it is possible to buy a plastic item of good quality, and though it would not last as long as wood might, it is lighter to carry, it has smoother edges so that it is safer (and that’s a reason!) and it’s cheaper. So, is there any sense in buying a piece of furniture you’re not going to save for next generations? Make it easier for you and your child.

Race Car Bed Full Size Fine Ideas

The size is another point to make. Choosing the right size, pay attention to your kid’s age, weight and preferences. While the first two points mentioned are quite clear, the last one brings up a question of how long your child will stay delighted with his race car bed. If you’re sure this passion will last long, keep in mind that your kid will not get smaller. So this is an important factor to take into consideration. All in all, buying a bed that will fit no more in a year or two will not make a good purchase. But choosing a big bed with no prospects of using it in future will not save your budget either as the bigger the bed, the more expensive it is. So make sure you know what your kid wants not to double the expenses.

You can also cut down the expenses by buying a bed that also provides some place for storage. For example, a few installed drawers and a large headboard which might serve as a shelf will make the car bed functional for a longer period of time. And don’t get seduced to buy a car bed with numerous accessories like dials, a steering wheel and plates if you want it to stay it modern even in five years. It’s possible to make it cheaper by transforming the bed with do-it-yourself elements and thus economize a bit.

The last but not the least is the color of a bed: in order to save money choose a model that can be repainted in future so that your child will not need another model as he gets older.

Red Car Bed Frame for Children

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